The White House Jester

"Fake news, not funny, terrible portrayal of me. Sad!"

Trump’s Press Conference: The Jester’s Di-Jest Condensed Version

(SATIRE) For those without the time (or intestinal fortitude) to read or watch the whole thing.

Mar-a-Lago Club Offers “Classified Dinner Packages”

The President was shocked that paying guests at the Mar-a-Lago resort were allowed to photograph a top-level diplomatic no extra charge.

Emotional Crisis Response Team Evacuates Trump to Safe Space

Homeland Security Unveils Intentionometer®

(SATIRE) Customs and Border Patrol develops a new way to screen potential immigrants based on intentions. READ MORE...

Trump Furious as White House China Collection Taken off eBay

(SATIRE) "So unfair! What's the use of being the First Family if you can't make a profit from it?" READ MORE...

Sean Spicer Barred from North Carolina Men’s Room

(SATIRE) A case of mistaken gender identity prevents Sean Spicer from doing his business in North Carolina. READ MORE...

Homeland Security Proposes Hiring Psychics

(SATIRE) The Department of Homeland Security proposes an innovative vetting process. READ MORE...

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