The White House Jester

"Fake news, not funny, terrible portrayal of me. Sad!"



Is Trump Secretly a Genius?

Is Trump's clueless appearance really hiding a genius-level intellect? The Jester in-jest-igates.

Trump Administration: “Obama Had Secret Time Machine”

(SATIRE) Trump's explanation of why all his past, present and future troubles are Obama's fault.

Justice Department Follows EPA, Replaces Lawyers with Crime Bosses

SATIRE: "Scott Pruitt was right. An investigative body should contain representatives from the community being investigated." READ MORE...

The Jester’s EXCLUSIVE Interview After the Joint Address

(SATIRE) The WHJ gets a rare follow-up interview with President Trump after the joint address to Congress. READ MORE...

Trump Tries to Renegotiate Contract with Devil – His Response Is Perfect

A leaked letter from the White House Counsel's office shows the Devil's reply to Trump's request to silence critics. READ MORE...

Trump Administration Plans to Revive Witch Trials

(SATIRE) Having heard that witches worldwide were planning to hex him, President Trump strikes back with a Witchcraft Task Force (WTF). READ MORE...

NASA Invites Trump on Manned Mission to TRAPPIST-1

(SATIRE) NASA tries to entice the President aboard "Space Force One" with the promise of an "ultra-cool" experience. READ MORE...

GOP Unveils Plan to Replace Obamacare with Faith Healing

(SATIRE) Republicans in the House and Senate have proposed replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with Prayer and Healing Universal Coverage (PHUC). READ MORE...

Interpreters Worldwide On Strike, Demanding Coherent U.S. President

"I spent the whole first five minutes trying to figure out what language he was speaking." READ MORE...

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