President Trump, in response to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly calling him a “moron”, told Forbes on Tuesday: “I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

Trump’s challenge to Tillerson has prompted a flurry of speculation as to whether the president’s seemingly vapid, inarticulate public persona might actually be a clever guise concealing a genius-level intellect. High-IQ society Mensa has already volunteered to provide a venue for the president and secretary of state to go head-to-head, so to speak. The challenge has also brought renewed attention to speculation that Trump’s IQ may be as high as 156, putting him second only to John Quincy Adams in an approximate ranking of presidents from Washington to George W. Bush published in 2006.

“That explains it all!” a Trump supporter said. “If no one has ever seen him read a book, it’s because he already knows everything. If he uses words that sound like total nonsense like ‘covfefe’, it’s because he understands languages so obscure that no one else on the planet knows they exist. If he can’t focus on anything for more than thirty seconds, it’s because his brain is too busy with his visionary philosophy to have any room for mundane matters like leading the free world. And if his vocabulary seems to be stuck at the third-grade level, it’s because he’s so used to dumbing everything down so it can be understood by people with no more brainpower than…well, me.”

Although Snopes has debunked the improbable claim about Trump’s IQ, Professor I.M. Wise, of the psychology department at the University of Pennsylvania, is willing to entertain the possibility that it really is as high as claimed.

“IQ is intellectual age expressed as a percentage of actual age,” Wise explains. “156% of 72 is 112. Show me a man in Trump’s state of health who’s 112 years old and I’ll show you a corpse. If he’s claiming to have the intellectual capacity of a corpse, I see no reason at all to argue with him.”